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Sound is a project that has been designed to create a training program for dementia professionals and caregivers. The objective of this program is to focus on music-based interventions to improve the behaviour and quality of life of older individuals with dementia. This program aims to provide better techniques in dementia care, help patients communicate through music, and offer ongoing training for caregivers. In addition, it also aims to raise awareness in the broader community about the importance of such interventions.

Villa Scalabrini

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Villa Scalabrini is an outstanding care home, specializing in accommodating individuals affected by dementia. In 2023, in collaboration with some of its residents, the melodies of Heart Symphony were tested.

Established in 1986, initially mainly for the Italian community, Villa Scalabrini welcomes individuals from all cultures, religions and nationalities to our Roman Catholic care home in Shenley in Hertfordshire.

Right To Music

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Dan Cohen is the founder of Right to Music, an organization that promotes the use of personal music for families and professionals who care for people with cognitive challenges like dementia. The 2014 film "Alive Inside" features Dan's work and showcases how music can help combat memory loss. You can watch the trailer for the movie on the Alive Inside website, where you can also find important information about music and dementia.

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